AFW + NFSA Programs = RED
Special Programs = BLACK

We respectfully acknowledge that the land on which AFW holds its screenings was never ceded by the Kulin Nation.

For Indigenous Australians entry is free for all AFW screenings.


All screenings take place at 2 Kerr St, Fitzroy, Melbourne unless otherwise denoted.

31 October: Films by Marie Menken + Films by Len Lye
20 November: The Weight of Mountains: a survey of contemporary artist filmmakers involved in the nomadic TWOM collective/biennial + other films that meditate on place and time
-- November: Ecstatic Ethnography Program - postponed until 2020
1 December: Spatial Cinema, a survey of films by Stephen Connolly
13 December: Collective films of the Artist Film Workshop

AFW will take a break and return with a 2020 screening program in the new year.



24 October: Analogica Selection A sample program of films from the 2019 Analogica festival in Italy
11 October: Shireen Seno, Big Boy (in collaboration with IPCS)
19 September: Five films and two performance works by Marcus Bergner
29 August:
The Anthropological Cinema of David and Judith MacDougall
23 August: Versus: 16mm films from Negative Land, NYC
20 August:
Spectral Film, in collaboration with Discipline and Ensayos
25 July:
Noël Burch Correction Please, or How We Got Into Pictures
27 June: Alexander Kluge: 6 Short Films
30 May:
Robert Beavers Sotiros Trilogy
3 May:
Our Power (in collaboration with Arena)

25 April:
Babette Mangolte, What Maisie Knew and Carolee Schneemann, Fuses
11 April: Los Angeles Dreaming: Mike Stoltz and Alee Peoples
14 April: ACMI Screening - Artist Film Workshop: collected works 2009-2019
28 March: The Films of Solrun Hoaas
28 February: Jonas Mekas Notes on a Circus + Andy Warhol Blowjob & Sleep
22 February: Luke Fowler (in person!): Electro-Pythagorus and other films.
15 February: Alina Marazzi: ‘Vogliamo anche le rose’ (We Want Roses Too)
7 February: A Collected Gaze: Artist Film Workshop at the Austrian Film Museum (Australian Handmade Experimental Film 1967-2018)


14 December: AgX at AFW
1 December: Films By Manuela De Laborde + Fundraiser for Mirren's Stolen Laptop!!!
29 November:
Michael Lee Mystical Rose (1976) + Turnaround (1983) RetrOZ!
22 November: Films by Anna Kannava RetrOZ!
25 October: SILENT CINEMA / LIVE SCORES | Menilmontant by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1924) + La Coquille et le Clergyman by Germaine Dulac (1928) PLUS Borderline by Kenneth Macpherson (1930)
18 October: Pathompon Mont Tesprateep: Three Experimental Narrative Shorts from Thailand
11 October: Notes to Self: Films of Nazlı Dinçel
2 October: Nightcleaners (1975) @ The Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne
27 September: Waterside Workers Union Shorts @ The Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne
20 September: Stephen Broomer's Experimental Biography Potamkin
14 September: Analogica Film Festival
30 August: Hello from Post-Modernity films by Takashi Ito, Peter Greenaway and Manuel de Landa
2,9,16,23 August: Art and Power / Kunst und Macht - A four part film screening @ Arts West, University of Melbourne
31 July: AFW Presents... European Experimental Now
26 July: Abstraction in Painting and Music films by Harry Smith and Jonas Balsaitis
19 July: Ettore Siracusa Retrospective RetrOZ!
13 July: Films by Jet Leyco presented with recess
28 June: Experimental Shorts from the Women's Film Fund
14 June: Corpse by James Clayden (1982) RetrOZ!
12 June: James Clayden Shorts RetrOZ!
7 June: INLAND + AFW @ WEST SPACE: Inland 18.4: Not Attached Nor Separate In Space
31 May: Australian Landscapes Cantrills / Maggie Fooke & Chris Knowles
17 May: Films by John Cumming RetrOZ!
10 May: Obscure Transmissions: Films by Irene Proebsting and Barry Brown RetrOZ!
26 April: From the Pole to the Equator by Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi (1986)
19 April: Peter Tammer Retrospective #2 RetrOZ!
17 April: Peter Tammer Retrospective #1 RetrOZ!
5 April: Trinh T. Minh Ha NEW FILM PREMIERE!
29 March: Shoot for the Contents by Trinh T. Minh Ha (1991)
15 March: Films by Marie Craven RetrOZ!
27 February: Films by Esther Urlus
22 February: Maya Deren Opening Night + Program Launch!


18 December: SUBCINEMA | Steven Ball - Film and Video
30 November: Joyce Wieland Shorts
4 November: Archivio Aperto | X Edizione: Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film die Famiglia - Image Inverts (BOLOGNA, ITALY)
26 October: Films by James Broughton, Gregory Markopoulos & Ken Jacobs
28 September: Kidlat Tahimik - Turumba (1980)
22 September: INLAND 17.C: The Two are Sometimes Given Separately
24 August: Through A Different Lens: Joanna Margaret Paul / I Am An Open Window
August 4: Specimen @ CCP
27 July: AFW Shorts
20 July: Jarrod Zlatic presents the Youth Film Distribution Centre + The Young Directors
13 July: Montevideo Cine Experimental
29 June: Ben Rivers Shorts
23 June: Analogica Film Festival
25 May: My Life Without Steve
12 May: Window on Rudnicki
29 April: Our Power - Advanced Screening and Fundraiser
26 April: 7,8,9 Three films by Hollis Frampton
30 March: When I Will Be Dictator
23 February: Two Laws: A Film in Four Parts
9 February: Timothy Hillier Guest Screening


24 November: An Exploration of Dance Ethnography
27 October: Social Observation: Martin/Lawder/Jennings
29 September: Experiments in Voyeurism: Dwoskin & Brakhage
23 September: Michael Lee Screening
25 August: Space Image Landscape Film
19 August: LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film Festival @ AFW
27 July: Strand, Lelouch, Rouch
20 July: AFW + Night Market (Queen Victoria Market)
30 June: Indonesia Calling / Film-Work
26 May: Films from the London Filmmakers' Co-op
17 March: Shireen Seno and Artist Film Workshop present The Kalampag Tracking Agency @ Neon Parlour, Thornbury
25 February: Final Cinema: Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet
8 January: Precarious Landscapes by Sami van Ingen


10 December: Z to A: Su Friedrich's Ties that Bind & Sink or Swim
5 November: Super 8 Dreams by Bill Mousoulis
29 October: Cities & Bodies
8 October: Mark La Rosa Private Island
1 October: Maguerite Duras' Destroy She Said
8 September: Three Films by Dirk De Bruyn @ Long Play
27 August: John Huston & Luis Buñuel
7 August: Paul Clipson
30 July: Gotot Prakosa
16 July: Hand and Machine - Richard Tuohy
25 June: James Benning Landscape Suicide
28 May: What is you? What is me? Are we close? Are we far? The nature, affect and effect of intimacy...
1 May: Abstract Colour
26 March: Dancing Frames
6 March: Roger Beebe
24 February: Guy Sherwin, Arthur Lipsett, James Broughton, Stephen Dwoskin, Peter Tcherkassky


5 November: SCTL presents 'Heru Ini Lafu'
26 September: Elections, electricians, partners, & the country – six films linked by feelings of technical domination
26 September: Diary, Home Movie, Travelogue – Informal Visions in Experimental Cinema
29 May: Inaugural Screening - AFW + NFSA
22 May: Let Your Light Shine In - Jodie Mack @ Gertrude Contemporary
17 May: Omnibus
4 May: Fear of the Future
25 April: Landscape Dances Richard Tuohy

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