recess & Artist Film Workshop present

films by Jet Leyco


13 July, 2018


This 2 hour screening is followed by a discussion with Liv Koh, Jet Leyco and Diego Ramirez.



Jet LEYCO (1987, Philippines) made his feature debut Ex Press, which was also his graduation film at the Asia Pacific Film Institute in Manila, in 2011. He gained experience in filmmaking as an intern for the Filipino directors Lav Diaz and Khavn De La Cruz. Leave It for Tomorrow, for Night Has Fallen(2013) was made with a Hubert Bals Fonds grant for script development. Town in a Lake (2016) is his most recent film. His upcoming feature is Second Coming (2018).




Not A Soul (2013)


A man hides out in the mountains after accidentally killing a priest. However, the area is far from safe. Soldiers and rebels hunt one another there. The fateful location is visualised with a mixture of oppressive, moving and still, black-and-white images. Don’t move a muscle.


Ex Press (2012)


Made on a modest budget, but with an immodest cinematographic eye. Fiction and fact are mixed as in a dream. A dream about trains and the sinister affairs that surround them. The young filmmaker only needed one take for each scene. A sharp eye. A steady hand.


Two Way Jesus (2016)


In "Two Way Jesus", reality conquers fiction, and versa. The people of Cutud, Pampanga - celebrates the annual "Maleldo", the Crucifixation of Jesus Christ. This seemingly voyeurism approach tackles its participants and observer, religion and culture, and the power of new media in between.