No.14 AFW+NFSA Maguerite Duras' Destroy She Said

Thursday *1st October* 2015 – 7.00pm for an 7.30pm start

*October date due to Goodtime Studios venue availability*

Cost – $15 for 3 consecutive NFSA screenings



Destroy She Said (Marguerite Duras), 1969, 98mins. Duras' first film as director is a psychodrama based on her own play written in the wake of the 1968 events in Paris. Five people isolated in a hotel become enmeshed in a ritualistic game. Two women in the group absorb part of each others' personality in a manner comparable to that of principal characters in Bergman's 'Persona'. Duras' method, which she followed in subsequent films, was to write the scenario and film quickly in a matter of days, stripping the work to its basic elements.