Spectral Film, in collaboration with Discipline and Ensayos

Tuesday, 20th August, 7:00pm
2 Kerr Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

‘Spectral Film’ presents a series of films by artist Carolina Saquel (including the web series DISTANCIA) and other mystery films, all of which are discussed in a joint publication between Discipline and Ensayos.

Screened by Artist Film Workshop, and introduced by Carla Macchiavello and Camila Marambio, editors of Más allá del fin No. 3.


Discipline is pleased to announce a programme of events in Melbourne to accompany the launch of its fifth volume, a joint issue with the periodical Más allá del fin, published by the feminist research collective Ensayos. The joint issue—Discipline, Más allá del fin (translating to ‘discipline beyond the end’)—represents an effort to map a South–South relationship between Chile and Australia, and even more specifically, betweenits southern most island tips: Tierra del Fuego and Tasmania. For centuries, the Northern imagination conceived of these places as the very personification of distance itself, whereas the editors of Más allá delfin refer to Tierra del Fuego as ‘the centre of the known universe’. In addition to publishing a range of essays on modern and contemporary art, this joint issue recentres and forges new connections between Southern perspectives, generating a dynamic and relational art history of the contemporary.