Artist Film Workshop at the Austrian Film Museum, Vienna. February 7, 2019

Image: Hanna Chetwin,  Southern Climes , 2018

Image: Hanna Chetwin, Southern Climes, 2018

On February 7, Artist Film Workshop will be the subject of a program organised by the Austrian Film Museum, titled ‘A Collected Gaze: Australian Handmade Experimental Film 1967-2018.'
From the AFM: 'Australian experimental cinema contains many histories. One persistent storyline involves the use of the film medium as a tool to enlarge and enhance the viewer's perception. Another considers the recurrence of co-operative forms in an art practice marked by collectivism and collaboration. Yet another story relays artists' responses to the environment as a subject, protagonist and idea. These threads combine in the three programs of "A Collected Gaze"'. Curated by Danni Zuvela. Films by:
Hanna Chetwin, Giles Fielke, Paddy Hay, Louis Marlo, Lucas Haynes, Audrey Lam, Sabina Maselli, Callum Thomson, Richard Tuohy, James Waters

Screening Thursday 7th February at 20:30


Southern Climes (2018) Hanna Chetwin. 16mm, Colour, 12 min
Tiangong-1 (2018) Paddy Hay and Louis Marlo. Digital (from Super 8), Colour, 8 min
Vyv and Beat (2018) Audrey Lam. 16mm, sw, 3 min
Discord (2018) James Waters. Digital (from 16mm), Colour, 4 min
Shoplifting (2018) Lucas Haynes. 16mm, Colour, 7 min
Etienne's Hand (2003) Richard Tuohy. 16mm, sw, 13 min
Silver Shards (2013) Callum Ross-Thompson. 16mm, 3 mins
Satellite (2018) Sabine Maselli. 16mm, sw, 9 min
Internal and External Objects (2018) Giles Fielke. 16mm, sw, 7 min
Pharmacy (2018) Giles Fielke. 16mm, Colour, 10 min

Image: Sabina Maselli,  Satellite , 2018

Image: Sabina Maselli, Satellite, 2018

Image: Paddy Hay & Louis Marlo,  Tiangong-1 , 2018

Image: Paddy Hay & Louis Marlo, Tiangong-1, 2018