Film Is

Film Is, issue 1 (the second issue!), is now available! Contributions by Giles Fielke, Lucy Kostas, Lisa Theiler, Lorant Smee, Carl Looper, Sabina Maselli, Richard Tuohy, Dianna Barrie, Dirk de Bruyn, Hanna Chetwin, and an interview with Simon Liu. Cover Image: Dianna Barrie's Last Train on the cover

Price: AU$10 ($12 with postage inside Australia, $14 for international postage)                                             


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The first edition of 'film is', issue zero, was launched on Tuesday the 10th of November 2015, along with a presentation of new works by AFW members. It features contributions by Paul Winkler, Hanna Chetwin, Richard Tuohy, Lucas Haynes, Giles Fielke, and others

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