No. 18 AFW+NFSA - Films from the London Filmmakers' Co-op

*Artist Film Screening Society returns in 2016 at our new space at Arena! 

2 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Thursday the 26th May, 7.30pm start


Light Reading (Liz Rhodes) (1978)

Light Reading (Liz Rhodes) (1978)


Little Dog for Roger (Malcolm Le Grice) 1968, 16mm, 13 mins

9.5 mm home movie footage was transfered to 16 mm using unconventional means like contact printing sections under glass and pulling the strip through a printer by hand. Factors like frame slip, dirt, scratches and soft focus normally considered as 'error' are consciously employed as part of this exercise in transforming the original material.

Clouds (Peter Gidal) 1969, 16mm, 9 mins

A project in anti-illusionism as the passage of an aeroplane in an indistinct sky is repeated, sometimes in negative, to disorienting effect with each fragment divided into 3 (non-continuous) shots.

Threshold (Malcolm Le Grice) 1972, 16mm, 14 mins

Concerned with the transformations that occur when film images are copied in a printer. There are five elements involved - pure colour, edge-fogged film, a frontier-guardpost, computer generated images and a six frame interchange.

Light Reading (Liz Rhodes) 1978, 16mm, 21 mins

This film combines structuralist and feminist concerns. A woman's voice searches for clues interrogating language itself. No answers are given. 'She' is alternately writing, reading and attempting a story whose structure eludes her. 'She' becomes implicated in the film's emerging structure.