AFW 16mm Services

AFW offers several film services including processing and telecine of 16mm film. If you wish to send film to AFW for processing or telecine, please email:

email for services and enquirers:

contact Hanna for reversal processing:

contact Callum from Memorylab for digital transferring services:

contact Carl for film out services:


16mm Processing*:

Colour reversal $50 per 100ft

Black and white reversal: $40 per 100ft

Telecine (scanning)**:

1) 2.5K: $50 per 100ft (Student Rate: $45 per 100ft)

2) HD: $40 per 100ft (Student Rate: $35 per 100ft)


Download samples here:


black & white

Film Out:

4K digital printed to 16mm film: $50 per digital minute
Stock and processing are separately priced.
Contact Carl for details:

Contact for further questions or enquiries

Please note

*We have a minimum order of 100' for processing and the rate is charged in increments of 100' (ie. we will process 100', 200', 300' and so on. If you have a smaller amount than 100' you will be charged for the same price as a 100' roll). We can also only process 100' at a time. This means if we receive 400' rolls, they will need to be split up into 4 x 100' rolls. This will result in losing a frame or two between each roll. No processing is done on weekends.

**Telecine (scanning) is a minimum order of 100ft. Any additional rolls that measure less than 100ft will be priced to the nearest 10ft. Please provide a hard drive/usb stick with the film. 10GB is required per 100ft of 2.5k, 7GB per 100ft of HD - otherwise we can deliver on 16GB USB sticks for an extra $10 per stick. Students to provide copy of student card upon order. All jobs are scanned on Mondays and Tuesdays unless prior arrangement.

For services relating to Super 8 and 8mm film please visit the Nanolab website