AFW Presents ...


Tuesday 31 July, 8pm @ Arena Project Space, 2 Kerr St Fitzroy. $7.


This program, curated and graciously sent to us by Joyce Laine from MTK lab in Grenoble, brings us six recent works from some of the leading figures of the European experimental film scene.  All works will screen on 16mm.  This is a great opportunity for Melbourne folk to see what is happening NOW on film in Europe.



from the Berlin based duo OjoBoca , 17 min, 2014


Dots Frequency

from Srasbourg lab Burstscratch,  Laurence Barbier, 4 min, 2016


Parties Visible et Invisible d'un ensemble sous tension

for Paris based artist and Light Cone director Emmanuel Lefrant,  7 min, 2009


Anais Ibert and Victor de las Heras, 10 min, 2013


Charlemagne 2 Piltzer

from re voir, Paris, Pip Chodorov, 22 min, 2012


40 AW

from MTK artist Lucrecia, 5 min, 2017



Tuesday 31st of July (sorry for the short notice, but we have only a brief chance to show this wonderful work!) at 8pm START

AFW, 2 Kerr St, Fitzroy


$7 ($5 for AFW lab members)

Still from  Folia      by Anais Ibert and Victor de las Heras

Still from Folia by Anais Ibert and Victor de las Heras