No. 23 - Social Observation: Martin/Lawder/Jennings

2 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Thursday the 27th October, 7.30pm for an 8pm start

$15 membership for 3 months


Standish Lawder - Necrology (1969)

Automatic/Single/Continuous, dir. Lynsey Martin (1982) 9 mins 
Originally filmed at a busy city intersection on super 8 at three different times of the day this is a formal exercise in which chance is a structural element. The title refers to automatic exposure by the camera/the three single takes/the continuous recording of a scene with the camera analogous to the human eye.

Approximately Water, dir. Lynsey Martin (1972), 3 mins

Leading Ladies, dir. Lynsey Martin (1973), 5 mins

Whitewash, dir. Lynsey Martin (1975), 3 mins

Necrology, dir. Standish D. Lawder (1969), 12 mins
A grim commentary by American film-maker Standish Lawder on modern urban society, consisting of one disturbing shot of faces in the rush hour in New York City, transformed at the end into comedy. 

The First Days, dir Humphrey Jennings (1939) 23 mins
This film seeks through observation to capture the mood of Britain during the first months of the war. It is not descriptive nor does it make a statement of small impressions, while lacking the density of later British documentaries, has intimations of films to come like London Can Take It and Listen To Britain.