No. 21 AFW+NFSA - Space Image Landscape Film

2 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Thursday the 25th August, 7.30pm for an 8pm start

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Still: Ken Kobland - Landscape and Desire (1980)

Still: Ken Kobland - Landscape and Desire (1980)

Particles in Space, dir. Len Lye (1979) 4 mins 
This companion to Free Radicals is concerned with the energy of free movement and was created by scratching on the film surface. The rhythms of African drums provide a musical counterpoint. 

Image Plus, dir. Mary Callaghan (1978) 7 mins
A montage of found and staged images and voices assembled to suggest the role of woman as both consumer and object of consumption; a group of young women counterattack. 

Landscape and Desire, dir. Ken Kobland (1980), 43 mins
The landscape of America is viewed from cars, buses and rooms, in images shot mostly on super 8 colour stock, often optically printed to convey the sense of time and motion involved in travel. Exhibits in a bird museum become a metaphor for the sense of suspended motion the film constructs. The filmmaker has stated that the project began as a film of a Samuel Beckett story, The Lost Ones, although this remains only as an inspiration for the final film. 

Film By Samuel Beckett, dir. Alan Schneider (1965) 22 mins
A nihilistic one-character play without words (and almost completely silent) written for the film medium by Samuel Beckett. Directed by a Beckett specialist from the stage, Alan Schneider.