No.9  AFW + NFSA –Abstract Colour

Friday 1 May 2015 – 7.30pm for an 8pm start 

Cost is $15 for three consecutive NFSA screenings


Friday 1 May 2015 – 7.30pm for an 8pm start 

Cost is $15 for three consecutive NFSA screenings


Kreise = Circles (1933) Oskar Fischinger (Germany) 3 mins. Fischinger’s first colour film made in Gasparcolour, a process he helped to develop. It was used as a commercial for the Tolirag Theatre and Advertising Agency and includes their motto ‘Alla Kreise erfasst Tolirag’ (Tolirag reaches all circles). 

Mood Contrasts (Seeing Sound) (1954) Mary Ellen Bute (USA) 8 mins. Abstract animation utilising oscilloscope generated images superimposed over backgrounds, shot through glass bricks or cut-glass plate. Compared in counterpoint to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Hymn to the Sun & Dance of the Tumblers. 

Bridges Go Round (1958) Shirley Clarke (USA) 7 mins. Two versions of the same film: a poetic close-up view, using multiple superimpositions of a giant metropolitan bridge, first with a soundtrack of electronic music, second with a jazz soundtrack. 

Inferential Current (1971) Paul Sharits (USA) 8 mins. An experimental film involving the mapping of an image of the linear passage of '16mm frames' and 'emulsion scratches' onto actual 16mm film. The word 'miscellaneous' is extended to a length of 8 mins (sound) by fragmentation, looping and overlaying. 

N:O:T:H:I:N:G = Nothing (1968) Dir. Paul Sharits (USA) 36 mins. An experimental film based, in part, on the Tibetan Mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas which involves a journey toward the centre of pure consciousness. 

Neuron (1972) Dir. Robert Russett (USA) 5 mins

Nightcats (1956) Dir. Stan Brakhage (USA) 8 mins. Cats at night become haunting, demoniacal, symbolic. 

Dresden Dynamo (1974) Dir. Lis Rhodes (United Kingdom) 5 mins. This film is the result of experiments with the application of Letraset and Letratone onto clear film.

(Total running time 80 mins)