No.8  AFW + NFSA – Dancing Frames

Thursday 26 March 2015 @ 7.30pm for an 8pm start

Cost is $15 for three consecutive NFSA screenings



Bruce Conner was among the first to use pop music for film sound tracks. His films have inspired generations of filmmakers, and are now considered to be the precursors of the music video genre. When told of his impact on music videos and status as 'the father of MTV' Conner would reply, 'not my fault.'

Breakaway (1966) Bruce conner with Antonia Christina Basilotta (Toni Basil) 4 mins

Looking for Mushrooms (1961) Bruce conner with Terry Riley, 3 mins

Vivian (1964) Bruce conner with Conway Twitty

Dancer, ethnographer, philosopher, and visual poet Maya Deren collaborated with (and later married), Japanese composer and performer Teiji Ito, on a number of films including Meshes of the Afternoon 

The Very Eye of Night (1959) Maya Deren with Teiji Ito, co-directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, 13 mins

Toshio Matsumoto, is a pioneer of avant-garde experimental movies, multimedia, and video in his homeland and abroad. Making prominent use of music and mandala-like formal structures, Matsumoto’s deeply immersive and frequently psychedelic avant-garde films are trance inducing and quietly intense adventures in perception. 

White Hole (1969) Toshio Matsumoto with Joji Yuasa, 7 mins

Atman = Atomanu (1975) Toshio Matsumoto, music by Toshi Ichiyanagi, 12 mins 

Norman McLaren is famous for his innovative and prolific animated experiments and his hand-drawn sound onto film. Many of his short films won international film festival awards. He has influenced artists, filmmakers and musicians, from Picasso and Truffaut to Lucas and Linklater. 

Begone dull care (1949) Dir. Norman Mcclaren music by Oscar Peterson Trio, 8 mins

A Phantasy (1948) Dir. Norman Mcclaren, music by Maurice Blackburn, 7 mins