No.12 AFW+NFSA – Gotot Prakosa

Thursday 30 July 2015 – 7.30pm for an 8pm start

Cost – $15 for three consecutive NFSA screenings



Meta Ekologi (1979) 16 mins. A performance piece involving noted dancer, teacher and performance artist Sardono Kusuma and his group in a Jakarta mudpool. Humorous minimalism is used in evoking the theme of ecological 'dialogue' between humanity, earth and water, referring to the peasant working the land in a rice paddy.

Genesis, Genesis (1981) 11 mins. A film in which the filmmaker uses time-lapse animation of objects (including eggs, apples and yams) to evoke Indonesian mythologies referring to 'class and character' to quote the filmmaker.

A=Absolute, Z=Zen (1983) 10 mins. A mix of animation of montage of drawings and photographs to form what the filmmaker described as "a combination of visions on 'Mudhra Buddha Borobodur' projected through the eyes of Japanese Zen Buddhism as a reflection upon the nature of consumerist society". 

Compilation 15 mins. A compilation of five hand-made (direct onto film) animations by Indonesian experimental filmmaker, painter and performance artist Gotot Prakosa. In 'Meta Meta' (n.d.) Prakosa depicts dreams he had as a young boy. 'Impuls' (n.d.) and Dialog '(n.d.)' are both early abstract animation. In 'Non KB' (1979), KB refers to Keluarga Berencana, the Indonesian for family planning. 'Koen Faya Koen' (1979) is an ironic reflection on the creation of the world. The title in Arabic refers to Muslim mythology. 

PLUS – Arthur & Corinne Cantrill's Zap (1972) 2 mins