Slopes, 9 Smith St, Fitzroy
Saturday 29 March 2014

A day long survey of current underground arts practices in Melbourne, featuring an artist market, experimental cinema, and performance evening


Alberts Basement, Crazy in Love, Smalltime Books, Sunshine & Grease, Artist Film Workshop, Danni Zuvela (OtherFilm), Abstract Mutation, Fingers Pty Ltd, Bearded Iris, Christopher LG Hill and more.

Minor Developments is a three-part survey of current underground arts practices across Melbourne that is both celebratory as well as a slight lamentation on the changing landscape of affordable art spaces in the inner city. The title is a play on the site of Slopes being currently designated for major development.

The project will take place over one day and night on Saturday 29 March 2014 and will be divided into the following three events: 

Artist market (12pm – 2pm) In the morning to mid-afternoon Slopes will be occupied by market stalls presented by a cross- section of Melbourne artists and collectives. Stalls will be held by Alberts Basement, Crazy in Love, Smalltime Books, Sunshine & Grease and more. 

Experimental cinema (3pm – 5pm) Entry by donation Following the artist market an experimental cinema event will host a presentation by Artist Film Workshop, as well as a screening of a selection of 16mm films made by members of the Ubu Films collective in Sydney between 1966 and 1971, the heyday of ‘underground’ film, presented by Danni Zuvela, for OtherFilm. 

Variety Night (6pm – 9pm) Entry by donation Minor Developments will continue into the evening with a variety night in which the gallery space will host performance and bands. Including sets from Abstract Mutation, Fingers Pty Ltd and Bearded Iris, as well as a poetry reading by Christopher LG Hill. 

For more information please contact: Brooke Babington –, or Jared Davis –




AFW is pleased to present a program of works by master Australian flmmaker Paul Winkler. Perhaps one of Australia’s most prolific film artists (Winkler has been regularly producing new work every year since the early 1960′s), Winkler’s film illustrate a visual intensity and technical sophistication that is virtually unique in world cinema. Paul will be present at the screening. “Filmmaking has always been a journey into the unknown for me. Each new film demands its own trajectory. I might start with a particuliar idea and than after the first 100 feet of exposed film comes back, the imagines tell me which way to go or not to go. There is always a kind of pull between me and the material photographed, something opens up. If everything works out fine and the imagines connect to me and i can almost hear the sound they want, it is one hell of elation running through your body and mind, unbelievable. To sum up, my approach to filmmaking is primarily an organic one. The films are a synthesis of the intellect and emotion all filtered through the plastic material of film. I try to let imagines flow freely to the surface.” – Paul Winkler (taken from the DVD box set ‘Paul Winkler Experimental Film Collection 1964-2011′ from THURSDAY 13th March, 7.30. AFW (Good Time Studios, Basement 746 Swanston St Melbourne) Neourosis 9 min Capilliary Action 16 min Time Out For Sport 19 min Long Shadows 17 min Cars 15 min Bondi 15 min




As a part of the NGV’s Melbourne Now exhibition, Artist Film Workshop will be hosting a Community Hall event in conjunction with the gallery’s DIY Series. Drop into the NGV International this Friday the 10th January—between 11am-4pm—to participate in the free workshop and experiment directly with film stock. 

Visitors will get the chance to manipulate the surface of film by hand, and play with the possibilities of positive and negative images in a black & white reversal taping workshop. 

AFW’s Loop Library will also be on display in space.



Desistfilm and Artist Film Workshop present:

Joshua Oppenheimer – Early Works

The Entire History of the Louisiana Purchase (1997) – a breakthrough work of documentary meta-fiction.

These Places We’ve Learned to Call Home (1996) – a shorter work of guerilla documentary.


Friday 6th December, doors 7pm for 7.30 start


Goodtime Studios, basement 746 Swanston St Carlton

Oppenheimer screening1




Artist Film Workshop presents
a special first 10 minute glimpse of the feature film “Sea of Tranquility”

There will also be 16mm film screenings by Richard Tuohy, Dianna Barrie, Brice Veika, Carl Looper and Hanna Chetwin.

There will be live music by
Francis Plagne

There will be drinks and snacks.

All this at Goodtime Studios
26th of July
Entry fee: $7 concession / $10 full grown-up price
Doors open 7pm, first film starts at 7:30pm



The official launch of Artist Film Workshop Melbourne

Friday 10th of May at Goodtime Studios*. Starting at 7pm

A showcase of experimental film and sound works by :

Richard Tuohy, Dianna Barrie, Eye, Sabina MaselliErkki Veltheim, Lucy Kostos, Nina Gilbert, Giles Fielke, Brice Veika, Alexander Sproule-Lagos, Zachary Bradtke, Dianne Peacock, Georgina Criddle, Richard Camilleri, Madeleine Martiniello, Carl Looper, Mish Graham.

Free for AFW lab members OR $5 on the door

All welcome



Coming Friday 22 Feb 2013 at AFW:

Film: Material. A Historic program of 16mm films Regional and International that foreground the material of film itself as part of its subject.

All welcome
7.30pm Friday 22 February 2013
Entry by donation
Goodtime Studios
Basement 746 Swanson Street, Carlton
Opposite Melbourne Uni, enter through the Unilodge building


I hate cops (2 min), Work (12 min), Untitled film (5 min)
Michael Buckley 1986 Melbourne Australia
A play on sound/image disjunction marks these three films, made at minimal cost. In ‘I Hate Cops’ television cop show footage is (re)constructed by defacement accompanied by flamenco music. ‘Work’ combines mundane images of a cleaner on early morning shift with the sounds of Arf Arf, a sound poetry group. ‘Untitled Film’ is home movie footage of mother and baby ‘defaced’ by home processing and accompanied by a Spanish and an Italian song.

One View (13 min) sound
Chris Knowles, Maggie Fooke 1985 Melbourne Australia

A landscape film which takes a single wide angle view, an expansion of a 35 mm. reworked to include 8 mm. and 16 mm. footage. The film is an obsessive concentration on a single frame image through processing and re-photography as the representation of a landscape becomes an increasingly manufactured image.

Approximately water (3 min 1972), Leading ladies (5 min. 1973), Whitewash (3 min. 1975)
Lynsey Martin Melbourne Australia
‘Approximately Water’ is a richly coloured handmade film with a clear beginning and end. ‘Whitewash’ is a black and white handmade film of incised and sand images, with Pink Floyd providing incidental music, which does not have clear beginning, middle and end. ‘Leading Ladies’ is a rapid montage/collage of ‘found’ footage associated with film production and projection.

A Trip (7 min) sound
Carmen D’Avino 1960 USA

This is a cameraless film in which D’Avino worked directly on film by scratching, inking, dyeing and felt-pencilling. As he worked and projected the results he began to see the suggested illusion of a train ride which he then developed as a theme.

Black Trip (4 min) sound
Aldo Tambellini 1966 USA

Bombardment of black and white images – some etched by hand, others by controlled light sources. A film ‘sculptured’ without the use of a camera.

Light Reading (21 min) sound
Liz Rhodes 1983 UK

This film combines structuralist (a foregrounding of formal strategies, of the film’s materials and processes) and feminist concerns. It begins with a female voice (spoken in the third person) over black leader. Images of what appear to be blood on a bed suggest murder or rape. The voice searches for clues interrogating language itself. No answers are given. ‘She’ is alternately writing, reading and attempting a story whose structure eludes her. ‘She’ becomes implicated in the film’s emerging structure (‘the inscription of the female body in representation’). The film concludes with a description of its production.

Clouds (9 min) sound
Peter Gidal 1969 UK

A project in anti-illusionism as the passage of an aeroplane in an indistinct sky is repeated, sometimes in negative, to disorienting effect with each fragment divided into 3 (non-continuous) shots.

Program compiled by Dirk de Bruyn



Friday 25th Jan, 7.30pm at AFW lab @ Goodtime Studios

‘Flat Out Looping – Deviations on a theme of contact printing’
A short program of works made using flat printing, gang-sync printing and
other methods of working and re-working short film loops.

Deep Six by Sami van Ingen, Finland
Editorial by Steven Woloshen, Canada
Manufraktur by Peter Tscherkassky, Austria
Etienne’s Hand by Richard Tuohy, Australia

Followed by an Open Screening; its your films we want to see! Bring anything
and everything processed at the lab or otherwise!

This screening ties in with the flat printing workshop to be held the following weekend
‘Pressing the Bench – Flat Printing in the AFW Lab’.



Would you like to be a part of the new 16mm and 8mm Melbourne based lab? AFW is having a proposal meeting this coming friday the 7th September at 7pm to be followed with screenings at 8pm by Keith Deverall, Melbourne artist and AFWer, B&W Reversal handwork from our workshop last month and our 16mm Colour Spectrum MIFF workshop! This is an open screening, anyone is welcome to bring along anything they wish to show on 8mm, super 8 or 16mm and we will show it (must be film only).

Our plans for the lab will be going ahead, so please come along to this meeting if you are serious about partaking, it is important that we have your input.
The Melbourne Lab will be a member based program and will be situated at Goodtime Studios. Members will have access to the darkroom, tanks, super 8 cameras, 16mm flat bed, winders and split reels and we have secured a 16mm contact printer! All this equipment has been shared by members, Thanks for all the contributions!

Sign up fee will be $130 this will cover you for the first 6 months of rent, we would like you to bring this on the night (please let us know if you need to arrange an alternate payment, as smaller instalments will also be accepted). The equates to around $5 a week for access to all of above. We are looking at set-up on the 15 & 16 of September, help will be required on these days but will be further discussed in the meeting.

BYO cushions & alcohol on the night!
basement 746 Swanston St in Carlton, (opposite Melbourne University)

We would also like to announce an upcoming double exposure happiness workshop! (further details will be expressed at the screening)




Tape Projects presents
Artist Film Workshop open screening #3

The first AFW open screening for 2011 is coming!

March 24, 7.30pm at our usual venue:

TAPE Project Space
1/81 Bouverie Street
Carlton (on the city edge)

It’s an open screening and so this means

… standard 8, super 8, 16 all supported (and other film formats by request).

And we’ll also be looking at:

• Films by dada-ist visual poet and super 8 filmmaker Pete Spence and partner Norma Pearse.
• Films by the AFW optical sound workshop artists.

Start time is 7.30pm. Entry is free.



An open performance night with Infinite Decimals, expanded cinema loops by AFW workshop participants, and the Superflux collective from France.




Open screening @ TAPE Projects in Melbourne 

June 24 2010

Films by Evan Fowler, Bonnie Hart, Richard Tuohy, Dirk de Bruyn, Laki Sideris, Esther Anatolitis, Michael Hales, Mitch McAuley, Marcia Jane, Dianna Barrie, Laresa Kosloff, Irene Proebsting, Barry Brown & more