Let Your Light Shine – Jodie Mack

Thursday 22 May, 6pm at Gertrude Contemporary - 200 Gertrude St. Fitzroy




Under Mack’s direction stoner shop tie-dyes and dollar-store trinkets collude to create pulsing, ebullient spectacles. Colour-in-motion is the Trojan horse by which Mack smuggles in a series of questions about regimes of looking and the stability of human perception in a post-psychedelic world. 

Mack animates single-frame photography of domestic and recycled materials into complex patterns of movement she calls ‘anti-sequences’. Her works illuminate the shared territory between abstraction and the domesticity of mass-produced goods. 

This program features a selection of Mack’s recent work, which unleashes the kinetic energy residing in wasted and overlooked consumer objects, including her song-and-dance documentary tribute to her mother’s screenprinting business, Dusty Stacks of Mom. The program concludes with the experimental 3D performance extravaganza, Let Your Light Shine. described by Fandor Film Blog as ‘a wholly immersive and near-weightless experience, the piece exists outside most conventions of even non-narrative visual art, simultaneously collapsing and expanding perception to encompass the full spectrum of sensory existence’. 

In conjunction with:

Friday May 23rd 5.30 pm @ Melbourne University, John Medly Building G23. 
Lecture: Visiting artist Jodie Mack will give an artist talk placing her work as an artist/performer within the vibrant world of abstract animation. 

Saturday May 24th 11 am until 5pm @ Goodtime Studios, basement 746 Swanston St. 
Workshop with Jodie Mack. Please see upcoming workshops 

This is event is curated by OtherFilm, Institute of Modern Art, Gertrude Contemporary and co-presented by Artist Film Workshop. Jodie Mack’s visit to Australia is supported by Screen Queensland.