AgX at AFW

8pm Friday 14 December | $7 ($5 for AFW members) | AFW/Arena, 2 Kerr St, Fitzroy


AFW is pleased to present a program of work from the Boston artist run film lab AgX

AgX is at once one of the newest, but also one of the most productive collectives in the global artist run film lab scene.  While their group is relatively new (circa 2015) Boston has a rich foundation in experimental film practice from which to draw, not least from the two (at least)  institutions with strong analogue experimental film programs - Massachusetts College of Art and Emerson College.  AgX seems to have emerged fully armed from the head of some experimental filmic Zeus!

This program is an excellent opportunity to experience the kind of work coming out of the contemporary film labs scene in North America.   All work screening on film except where otherwise noted.



Susan DeLeo, 4 min, 2018 (screening digitally)

Senses of Time

Wenhua Shi, 6 min, 2018 (screening digitally)

Personal Cuts / Hands

Nicole Prutsch, 3 min, 2018 (screening digitally)


Robert Todd, 3 min, 2007, 16mm 

Something From Nothing

Peach S Goodrich, 3 min, 2017, 16mm

One If By

Matthew McWilliams, 3 min, 2010, 16mm 

Hay Algo Y Se Va

Kimberly Forero-Arnias, 3 min, 2013, 16mm

This Must Be the Place

Luis Arnias, 6 min, 2011, 16mm

Le Trésor

Stephan Grobowski, 2 min, 2016, 16mm

Story of the Dreaming Water chapter 2

Brittany Gravely, 3 min, 2018, 16mm


Brittany Gravely, 3 min, 2018, 16mm 


Wenhua Shi, 12 min, 2006, 16mm


Doug Urbank, 7 min, 2014, 16mm