No. 22 - Experiments in Voyeurism: Dwoskin & Brakhage

2 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Thursday the 29th September, 7.30pm for an 8pm start

$15 membership for 3 months


Stephen Dwoskin - Take Me (1969)

Take Me, dir. Stephen Dwoskin (1969) 30 mins 

One of Stephen Dwoskin's obsessive, erotic films, with a woman daubing her body with paint, and interacting with the camera, expressing both sexual rapture and melancholy. 

Flesh of Morning, dir. Stan Brakhage (1957) 21 mins  

This was the last of a series of four psychodramas (see also The Way to the Shadow Garden and Reflections in Black) made by Brakhage during 1955-1956. It is a subjective study of the act of masturbation which is not fully shown but represented by the splintering of the image, 'creating a semi-abstract collage of parts of bodies, close-ups, sudden unidentifiable movements' (Amos Vogel). This is the original version as completed by Brakhage in 1956. In 1986 he replaced the original percussion soundtrack with an electric track. 

Desistfilm, dir. Stan Brakhage (1954) 7 mins

Free flowing camera movements follow five boys and a girl through various activities at a drunken party, culminating in the teasing of a Pan-like youth and the breaking off of the girl and one of the boys into a couple as the others look on accusingly.