No. 20 AFW+NFSA - Strand, Lelouch, Rouch 

2 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Thursday the 27th July, 7.30pm for an 8pm start

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Still: Claude Lalouch - Iran (1971)


Mosori Monika (USA), dir. Chick Strand. 1969, 20 mins A documentary about two contrasting cultures. Spanish Franciscan Missionaries went to Venezuela in 1945 to civilize the Warrau Indians, who live on the Orinoco River Delta in relative isolation. On the surface the relationship between the Indians and the missionaries is simple, however the lifestyle of the Warrau Indians has been permanently altered. 

Iran (Switzerland), dir. Claude Lelouch. 1971, 18 mins A mood piece directed by Claude Lelouch. Iran is shown as a country in transition. On the one hand it has modern cities, the oil industry and cosmopolitan city dwellers, and on the other hand it has mud villages, and is home for ethnic minority groups and families steeped in the tradition of making rugs. 

Les Maitres Fous (France), dir. Jean Rouch. 1954, 30 mins A documentary about the West African religious sect called Haouka. Hitherto secret rituals of the sect are candidly recorded by Rouch with many images of violence as animals are sacrificed and sect members enter frenzied trances and mutilate themselves with fire. The rituals of the sect are parodies of the military and diplomatic ceremonies of British colonial rule, and Rouch questions the psychic effect of western civilization on African cultures.